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ClipsShop CSTEP2 Grommet Machine

CSTEP2 grommet machine is engineered to meet a full range of demanding grommet applications at a reasonable price. The CSTEP2 hand press machine has a specially engineered lever handle that helps reduce the hand force required to set grommets. The perfect hand press grommet attaching machine for professional and DIY projects.

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Unique lever design - The engineered lever handle helps reduce the hand force required to apply grommets and provides significantly greater application comfort compared to typical hand presses.
Enlarged neck opening - The larger neck/throat opening allows much more flexibility in the placement of the grommets allowing them to be set further from the edge of the material in your project or job.
Soft handle grip - The soft handle grip provides increased comfort for the user during application.
Depth Adjustment Stop Screw - Aids in precise grommet setting pressure on thicker materials.
Interchangeable self-piercing dies - All of our ClipsShop Die sizes and Plastic Grommet dies are compatible with the CSTEP-2 machine. This machine sets many different sizes of grommets by means of a simple die-changing process that takes only seconds.
Sets self-piercing grommets - Allowing you to cut the hole and set the grommet in one operation, saving time and money.
Heavy-duty durable machineCSTEP-2 will provide years of professional performance.


ClipsShop LED Pointer – a new generation LED version of the traditional laser pointers to show the operator the exact grommet attaching point. The LED Pointer accessory works on either battery or electricity.
ClipsShop Grommet Alignment Tool - for consistent placement of grommets. The alignment tool is available in small for setting #00x-#5.5 and large for setting #00x-#12.


  • CSTEP2 has a soft grip comfortable handle
  • This grommet machine can be mounted to a tabletop or stand-alone
  • The ClipsShop CSTEP2's long handle and interchangeable dies make this machine easy to use and very versatile.
  • Sets sizes #00x 11/64", #0 1/4", #1 5/16", #2 3/8", #2LN 3/8", #3 7/16", #3LN 3/8", #4 1/2", #5.5 11/16", #7.5 1", #12 1 1/2", and 12mm Plastic Grommets
  • Recommended for various professional and DIY applications and suitable for most materials
  • Weight: 15.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth): 17.25 x 3.52 x 9.80 inches
  • Throat Opening/Depth: 4 1/2''

  • Sets: 
  • #00x (11/64")
  • #0 (1/4'') 
  • #1 (5/16'')
  • #2 (3/8'') , #2LN (3/8'')
  • #3 (7/16''), #3LN (7/16'')
  • #4 (1/2")
  • #5.5 (11/16'')
  • #7.5 (1")
  • #12 (1 1/2") 
  • Plastic grommets  12mm (0.472in) & 12mmLN